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This week we had a chance to sit down with one of our pro staff anglers, Andrew Walker. He gave us a little insight into his daily mission and goals as well as a few tips on how to become the unstoppable force on the water that he has become. Andrew has been a great supporter of our vision and our brand itself and we consider him family here at BGS. We're always excited to catch up with him. Here's what he had to say:

Hey buddy, Ice has melted, water is settling. How has the season been going so far?

It was definitely sad to see the ice go with all the new gear I acquired over the season, but now that it's open water again, I've been going hard. Started with a lot of carp fishing so far which is exactly where I left off at the end of last season. But with the slow start to the carping season and it just heating up now, well I found time to fish some crappies, big northerns and walleye with great success and numbers on almost all of the outings. With more stable weather finally settling in the fishing is really just starting to heat up now.

You've made some new steps in your fishing career this season with guiding. How is that going and is this year bringing on anything else? Tournaments, sponsors, media etc.

The guiding had been great. I did quite a bit in the hard-water season while I wasn't working construction, but now that I'm back at work I'm fitting in clients here and there for myself and at the Lac St.Pierre lodge as a carp guide. Bigger things to come with guiding in the upcoming year for sure. As for tournaments I'm doing half a dozen bass tournaments, as well as two carp tournaments, with one coming up in mid June. I'm also always filming so I get a lot of footage for my YouTube channel. I just need to find the time in between fishing to do the editing, but really there is never down time from fishing.

Time to get a little bit deeper. I think we want to know some of your favourite lakes, baits, techniques and styles. Care to share?

My favourite spots to fish, well that's a hard one. Depends really which species I guess. As for musky and bass I would have to say here in my home waters of lac Deux Montagnes, Quebec. Great carp fishing here as well, but I love going to the clear water of Long Sault Parkway in Ontario for those monster suckers. As for big northern pike I always go back to my home town of Deep River, Ontario and fish the Ottawa River. You can really get some monsters out of there. Technique wise I'm a casting guy and despise trolling. I find it so lame and slow. I love my frog fishing or any topwater for that matter. Who doesn't love seeing there baits getting smashed. I'm also a pitching and flipping guy. Up close and personal with big heavy heart just ripping fish out of cover. Man that's the ultimate for me.

Thanks for the words brother. We'll check in later this year and see what's going on. Go ahead and shout out your sponsors.

First off, I wanted to give big thanks for having me. Always appreciate all the love you guys generate for myself and other supporters of the brand. Big shoutout as well to Phil Tabry my carp mentor and maker of Cquake baits, the ultimate carp hookbait in my opinion. Much love to CarpSounder, Denali Rods, Montreal ProTackle, Rod Sox and Shanes Baits. Thanks again guys for the chat and I can't wait for your trip up for Muskies in June.

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