BGS trip to North Bay.

Hey guys it's Drew Muir here, not much of a writer as I'm sure you'll realize as you read but hey, send it!

Calendar Bay was surreal, me and a couple buddies had to help my sweet Nana move from Kitchener, ON to North Bay, ON. Naturally we had to bring the bass boat.. Calendar Bay was the destination and it produced for us just like we hoped for.

We started on the body without a clue on how to fish it, we tried to do our research but cold beers and long drives got the best of us. Jesse Kean started us out on the water on a nice 9 foot drop off the weed lines and before we knew it he was on a pretty decent pike. Not a monster but not you average hammer handle, this thing was a gator. Getting on a fish that early in the day gave us the motivation every angler asks for when they set out! A couple more smaller northerns and it was time to move on.

Not going to lie we ripped it through a couple spots before we found our honey hole..

We finally got to this beauty spot, a nice inlet, where the rocks on the shore sat at least 10 feet high with boulders everywhere underneath us. This spot was awesome, like right out of a how-to video on small mouth bass fishing. We decided to get real simple with a typical drop shot rig as we floated around. Before we knew it Colin Bagshaw was on a pig, then Jesse and then at last, me. These pigs were perfect Cold water bass and just made the whole trip worth it. The fight they put up reminded us why Small mouth is such a targeted sport fish. Some of the most fun you can have fishing.

To top it all off we had a sweet bald eagle watching over us.. Don’t think she was to happy with us being there, but her presence was appreciated none the less.

Till next time North Bay!


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